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Hoping for Beginner's Luck

First Thing's First:
This is my first attempt ever at a blog or any such device with which to record my opinions on any subject.  Since I have finished a number of really great fantasy books in a row recently I thought this is where I might start (though I may later branch out into other things, say maybe the recipes I like most or some such).  Seeing as this is my first foray into this field I'd be glad to hear your opinions on not only the contents of my blog but the style as well.  This being said, I hope you'll be kind to a beginner.

What Have I Read Recently?
Well, I started out with reading Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell by Suzanna Clarke which was recommended to me by a friend who also reads frequently.  I am extremely glad that she introduced me to this author because reading this novel made my vacation in Italy even more enjoyable.  Clarke writes of an alternate history in which magic has always been present, but in recent decades it has declined to the extent where the only magicians left alive are ones whom we would consider to be "armchair magicians".  In this climate two new magicians come into their own - and these two can actually practice magic!  The real settings and culture and historical events merged with fantastical beings (faeries) and spells makes Clarke's work different from anything else I had read.  Even before I had finished the book I was already thinking to myself - how will I ever read anything else ever again?  It will feel so incomplete and immature next to this great work of art! 

Luckily the friend who recommended the book to me has a husband who is an author, and the next book I read was a recommendation from him.

The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss was the next book I picked up, and I have to admit that I wouldn't know what to say if you asked me which book I enjoyed more.  Not only did I love Rothfuss'  book but I also love his blog and his personality in general.  He is the type of author who really makes me wish I was an author, just so I could be cool like him.  His book is written in the first person, which really made me identify with the main character.  I know that experts always talk about the fact that writing in first person can be dangerous, but I found it to be refreshing and insightful.  I wish more authors would take this chance with their work.  Rothfuss is extremely popular, and his book is even listed as number three currently on a list of top fantasy books (this list has the LOTR trilogy listed as number four and is very competitive).  I currently am waiting for a shorter story of his to arrive from amazon... and I am not waiting patiently anymore, I ordered it back in June.  The book I am waiting for is a fairy tale - but not a happy one like those that Disney produced when I was a child.  This is meant to be more like Hansel and Gretel where the witch really does want to put them in the oven and eat them.  I have a feeling that this book will be extremely different from his last, so we'll see if I enjoy it. 

I had intended to talk about the two most recent books I have finished but I have a feeling that this blog is starting to get longer than it ought to be - as my first ever.  So I will wait until tomorrow, or the next day.. or whenever I get the urge to write again.. to introduce Scott Lynch and his charming characters.  Also, I do intend to write more about how I feel about each of these four books on a later occasion.


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